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Come to one of our workshops and learn:

  • mindfulness meditation and mindful movement
  • how mindfulness ameliorates the impacts of acute and chronic stress
  • the possibilities for self-care, self-reflection,balance, growth, and peace from integrating mindfulness into your life

Wellness Through Mindfulness Presents a one day meditation retreat

Did you ever want to attend a retreat but were afraid to? So much sitting! How will I ever do that? I can’t sit still that long! This is a wonderful opportunity to experience what a partial day of mindfulness and meditation is all about. The purpose of this retreat is to start to develop a more concentrated mindfulness practice. It will consist of alternating sitting and walking meditation along with body scan and eating meditation. There will be guided instructions to help you throughout the day. A talk on MINDFULNESS: WHAT IT IS AND HOW TO DO IT and HOW TO BRING MINDFULNESS INTO YOUR DAILY LIFE will also be part of the program.

TEACHERS: Leslie Ellestad, Allan Donsky, Phil Blustein
LOCATION: Shaganappi Community Association 2516 14 Ave SW
DATE: March 18, 2017
TIME: 930am – 330pm
WHAT TO BRING: Water bottle, tea mug, cushion to sit on a chair or a cushion to sit on the floor, lunch, pen and paper, indoor shoes, shawl. Tea and water is provided.
COST: $50. Scholarships are available. Contact: leslstad@telus.net